Struggling Farmer Destroys Rare Simba Ooshie On Live TV

Following online abuse

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A struggling Victorian farmer has destroy a rare Ooshie toy on live TV to get back at bullies.

Stephen Black and partner Melissa Portingale were thrilled to receive a rare furry Simba Ooshie – when shopping at Woolworths recently.

The couple listed the toy on line for sale for $5000, which they believed was fair considering others that had been sold for similar prices.

However they were disgusted to receive a slew of abuse in response:

"We said we were asking about $5000 for it. People were just disgusted. The abuse started," she told the Nine Network on Friday.

"It was just hate, and suicidal threats, and yeah, just some really awful things were said."

They said they’d swap the toy in exchange for water for their struggling farm, but the abuse didn’t stop.

Fed up, Mr Black chopped the toy into pieces on live television this morning.

“For the people who have bullied us, they want to buy this thing because they want it, well, this is what I say to them. It's done," he said.

"You can't buy it. I'm going to destroy it," he added, hacking away at the toy.

"If we were on the edge like some of the farmers are that have taken their lives because it got too much, this stuff may have pushed one of us over the edge."

He said he’d hoped to use the publicity to educate the public on the water situation in the Murray-Darling Basin.


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2 August 2019

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