STOP EVERYTHING: Ebay Are Selling Dysons For $269

Get your hands on one!

Bree Gashparac

17 April 2019

Bree Gashparac

Article heading image for STOP EVERYTHING: Ebay Are Selling Dysons For $269


You know you’re becoming an adult when your dream is to get a sweet and stylish Dyson. Once you’ve held it in your hand and felt the power for yourself, you can’t go back. 

If you’ve been eyeing them off, think quick as Dyson is having a HUGE sale on Ebay!

Their official store is selling their V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum for $299 – 25% off the original price. 


If that wasn’t enough, using the promo code PSLIM10 will get you a further 10%, bringing the price down to an incredible $269.10. 

You better snatch them up quickly while you have the chance. Grab your wallet and go here.


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