Statewide Total Fire Ban

A total fire ban is now in place

10 February 2017

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It's going to be an absolute scorcher for the next couple days. 

A statewide total fire ban has been put in place to deal with the extreme heat we'll be experiencing.

It'll be in place for the whole weekend, when the mercury is set to sore well above 40 in some parts of our region.

Our state Rural Fire Service has warned that conditions could brink on catastrophic fire danger in some regions.

Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons says it's going to be a combination of factors creating the conditions. 

“The heatwave conditions will strengthen over the weekend, with many areas experiencing temperatures of around 45 degrees,” he says, 

“This will be coupled with strong and gusty winds, and low humidity," Mr Fitzsimmons says.

We're being told that any fires started this weekend will be extremely difficult to control, and potentially devastating.

All fire permits have been suspended for the duration of the fire ban. Until further notice, no fires may be lit in the open. Though, it is safe to use gas and electric barbecues - as long as done so responsibly.

Deliberately lighting a fire during the total fire ban will incur an on-the-spot fine of $2,200. The penalty for tossing a lit cigarette will also double to $1,320 over the weekend.

Advice is that we should stay away from bush fire prone areas and make sure you are familiar with your fire evacuation plans should catastrophe arise.

You can report anyone you see throwing lit cigarettes from a vehicle by registering their number plate on the RFS website or by calling the Bush Fire Information Line: 1800 679 737.

Total Fire Ban rules and a map of current Total Fire Ban areas are at

Stay save Coasties! Drink plenty of water, stay out of direct sun and look after each other. 


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