State Government Blasted Over Townsville's 'Crime Wave'

Concerning crime figures for NQ

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The Palaszczuk government have been accused of failing to slow down Townsville's crime spree, with the opposition revealing an increase in violence and theft.

An alarming spike in crime incidents involves a 21% increase in break-ins, 10% spike in stolen cars and 25% more assaults in the past year.

The LNP have slammed the Labor Party for not cracking down on repeat offenders.

Shadow Police Minister MP Dale Last says it's becoming a never ending crime wave.

"Hardcore repeat offenders are ripping the heart out of the place," Mr Last said.

"Every day houses are getting broken into, businesses are robbed, cars are stolen and innocent bystanders are put in danger."

"Programs like Project Booyah are a multimillion-dollar failure, GPS trackers aren’t being fitted to juvenile offenders and our frontline police officers are under-resourced and over worked. The safety of Queenslanders is too important to ignore. We won’t stop pursuing this."

The call for an improvised system into repeat and first-time offenders comes after four police officers were assaulted on Townsville's nightclub scene on Sunday morning.

A fight broke across Flinders St around 1.20am on Sunday morning, including a brawl involving 15 people.

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9 November 2021

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