Specialised Clinics For "Long Covid" To Be Launched Across SA

Government to establish four clinics

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South Australians will soon have access to specialised treatment for “long Covid-19” symptoms with a number government clinics set to pop up across the region.

South Australia Health will open four clinics dedicated to assisting patients with health complications as a result of Covid.

Royal Adelaide and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals along with Flinders Medical Centre are just three of the locations set to host specialised government clinics with another clinic for younger patients located at The Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

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While younger patients will receive treatment through the hospital’s outpatients clinics, the syndrome is far less common in children.

According to recent figures, 10 to 30 percent of Covid patients will suffer from the condition. 

Health Minister Chris Picton said more people have contracted the condition since the borders opened in 2021.

“We are obviously in a period where there’s been many more cases of Covid in South Australia and we’re now seeing more cases of long Covid come forward,” he said. 

To be eligible for treatment, South Australians who have been suffering from COvid symptoms for more than 12 weeks will need to contact their GP for a referral. 

Mr Picton said the specialised clinics will allow patients to receive ongoing and consistent treatment from one location.

“This will enable a single point of contact to be able to help with what could be a wide range of medical issues they could be facing,” he said.

Symptoms of “long Covid-19” include shortness of breath, fatigue, heart problems, “brain fog”, cognitive dysfunction and lung scarring.

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Georgie Marr

10 May 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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