Space Enthusiasts To Descend On Murchison This Month

50 years since the meteorite!

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Space nerds, this is for you! Space enthusiasts in Australia and beyond are getting ready to descend on Murchison next weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the meteorite landing on Friday 27 to Sunday 29 September in 1969.

Murchison will host a number of events including presentations by prominent Scientists from around the world and leading Universities in Australia.

Murchison will welcome:
Philipp Heck - Chicago Field Museum
Mike Zolensky - NASA
Trevor Ireland – Australian National University
Warwick Holmes - European Space Agency
Phil Bland - Curtin University
Craig O’Neil – Macquarie University
Gretchen Benedix - Curtin University
Martin Van Kranendonk - University NSW
Andy Gleadow – Melbourne University
Ellie Sansom – Curtin University
Lucy Forman – Curtin University
Dermot Henry - Museums Victoria

Murchison Historical Society President Kay Ball said, “we have heaps on offer over the weekend, events for space enthusiasts, families, children and various food vendors available too.

The high calibre of guest speakers coming to Murchison to talk about the science related to Murchison Meteorite as part of our 50th Anniversary celebration of the - meteorite landing.

These speakers are Professors and Doctors in their specialised fields and have been chosen for their ability to convey exciting facts in everyday language.

The best bit is, entry is free for school children and gold coin donation for adults. So, make sure you come to Murchison on the 27 to 29 September we are looking forward to welcoming everyone.” said Ms Ball.

Events over the weekend include:

  • Meteorite Display and short films about its landing
  • Murchison Big Bang
  • The Untold story about Apollo 11 moon landing
  • Presentations by leading scientists
  • Secrets of the Universe
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Meteorite Hunt
  • Kids Space

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23 September 2019

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