South Australia To Relax Mask Rules By Good Friday

Premier Malinauskas confirms

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South Australians will no longer be required to wear masks indoors from Good Friday onwards, moving towards an identical plan to other jurisdictions.

"Come Good Friday, we will see a substantial relaxation in the requirement to wear masks in South Australia," Malinauskas said.

"That's something I think that provides a lot of relief to people, particularly those who wear them as a matter of requirement as distinct from a matter of choice."

While the mask ruling will be relaxed ahead of Easter celebrations, QR code check-ins will also be relinquished, however the Premier hasn't ruled out a return if required.

"I choose the word 'mothballing' as distinct from 'abolition' of the QR code regime because it may well be the case at some point in the future this may need to be stood up again," Premier Malinauskas said.

The state premier said changes act as a significant step forward away from public health restrictions.

"Wearing a mask is a choice, there is nothing wrong with choosing to wear a mask - there is no rule against mask wearing," he reporters.


"We are providing the ability for South Australians to exercise more choice, more discretion when it comes to wearing a mask."

Masks will still be required in high-risk settings, including public transport, planes, indoors at airports, hospitals, residential aged care, all other healthcare facilities and correctional service sites.

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12 April 2022

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