South Australia Prepares To Introduce Voice Legislation

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South Australia is set to introduce Voice to parliament legislation on Thursday.

The South Australian Voice will be able to address both houses on any legislation of interest, establish specific committees for young people, elders, native titles holders and members of the stolen generation.

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The Voice will ensure that the Voice does not impact on native title agreements or other First Nations organisations.

South Australia Premier Peter Malinauskas said he had committed to delivering the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

“This is a nation-leading opportunity for South Australia to demonstrate to the rest of the country the benefits of giving our First Nations people greater say in the development of laws and policies that affect their lives,” Mr Malinauskas said. 

First Nations voice commissioner Dale Agius said there has been an overwhelming response in support of the Voice. 

“This is about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people having a platform to share knowledge, wisdom, and aspirations for the future, and to be included in the decision-making process,” Mr Agius said.

“We spoke with many communities during the second round with enthusiasm and excitement for what a voice can do.”

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6 February 2023

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