South Aussies Create Facebook Group For Known Exposure Sites

SA Health experience delays

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As health authorities face pressure to update the list of know exposure sites, South Australians are taking matters into their own hands by starting their own Facebook group.

SA Health has defended the extensive delays in publicly listing exposure sites, yet a social media group has drawn in 20,000-plus followers to help share knowledge on contract tracing and exposure hotspots.

The group 'SA Community Known Exposure Sites' has now built up a following of over 40,000 members since its inception one week ago.

Members can share updates on exposure listings, contract tracing and health updates as they come to the surface.

There is also posts from COVID-positive South Australians revealing information about their own movements.

Reports of SA Health updating the list of COVID-10 exposure sites nearly 11 days after the location was visited by an infectious case. It has become increasingly difficult for locals to track, as vaccinated people must quarantine for seven days after visiting a known site.

Page admin Mich Lee said the group is a way to fill the gap of known locations, and she was surprised by the reception early on.

"Just looking across social media at the time, there was a lot of bits of information from different sites available," she said.

"It just made sense to pull it altogether."

Around 12 volunteers spend hours updating and verifying submissions to the page, which are growing by the second.

Ms Lee thanked SA Health's contact tracers, who are "doing the best they can right now for the right reasons".

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23 December 2021

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