Someone Needs To Talk To AK From Survivor About His Cameo Rate


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The website Cameo has allowed fans to connect with their favourite celebrities in ways they never have before.

If you're not familiar with the website, fans can request a personalised message from a celebrity for themselves, or gift it to someone else.

There's a stack of celebrities offering their services on the website, everyone from A-listers, to personalities you've never heard of.

Cameo even features homegrown Aussie talent on the website, including Aaron 'AK' Knight from Australian Survivor. He describes himself as 'Australian Survivor Villain and All Round Snake.'

AK had some of the gutsiest gameplay we've seen on Australian Survivor, which saw him garner a large fanbase, but his Cameo rate suggests he may have overvalued his fans.

A personalised message from AK is $1,000 USD which roughly converts to $1,370. To put that in perspective, NBA Legend Dennis Rodman's Cameo rate is $750, and the most-watched man on tv, David Hasselhoff's rate is $300.

We're a fan of AK's gameplay, the drama he created and everything he did for the Australian Survivor franchise, but $1,000 for a shout out message?! Come on AK.

Lucky for us, there are some iconic Aussies on Cameo who can give you a message for an absolute steal:

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10 September 2020

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