So Australia Just Discovered It's First Monolith & Now I'm Scared Of Aliens


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Honestly, just one more thing we needed in 2020. 


The three-sided, three-metre-tall silver structures have been appearing all over the world with the latest one in Adelaide. 

All monoliths have some sort of engraving on them which spectators seem to think are coordinates. 

The top coordinate marks a Brownstone building in Brooklyn, New York, while the one below takes you to a tiny, uninhabited island named Managaha in the Northern Mariana Islands, near Guam.

Bizarrely, the bottom coordinates lead to The Sphinx, in Egypt’s Al Giza Desert.

There have now been four monoliths spotted across the globe following mysteriously placed structures in California, Romania’s north-east, near a well-known archaeological landmark called the Petrodava Dacian Fortress.

The silver structures seem to randomly appear then disappear, and honestly, we think it has to be the work of... aliens.

The first we heard of these monoliths was back on November 18 in Utah, USA.

Anyway, the culprit behind the eerie stunts has FINALLY revealed themselves as The Most Famous Artist, but we're not gonna lie, kinda sounds like a convenient name for someone who can't even travel internationally. 

Like, it's honestly the only logical scenario? Our flippin' borders have been closed how the hell did it get from Europe to Australia in a matter of hours? 

We'll wait.

We know they're out there somewhere. Until then, stay vigilant! 

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11 December 2020

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