Sinister Surfers Paradise Nightclub ASYLUM Has Officially Opened!

We can't wait to be admitted...

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Attention party animals! A new nightclub has officially opened in Surfers Paradise and we are still recovering from the excitement... 

Over the weekend, over 400 patrons swarmed the red carpet at the launch of Surfers Paradise nightclub ASYLUM, taking residence inside long-standing nightclub Shooters. 

After a $2 million development, the veteran nightclub was transformed into ASYLUM, a dark, ghoulish concept, complete with psych patients in straight jackets and menacing silhouettes on the walls. 

The redevelopment comes from the brilliant minds behind 80's & 90's themed party paradise Retro's, Fin McCool's and Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria. 

ASLYUM is a safe-haven for the devious and an exciting experience for the daring, inviting patrons to let their hair down and party without judgement. 

General Manager of Hallmark Group, Cade Hopman says the nightclub taps into the dark corners of your imagination and delivers a different experience to each patient (I mean... Patron). 

“The word asylum is ingrained in our cultural subconscious. For some, it evokes images of hospices for the different - padded, aseptic institutions for those who don’t adhere to the status quo. But for others, it evokes images of a shelter - a safe space, free from expectations, from judgement or persecution, a haven for authenticity - a place where they all can be themselves.”

- Cade Hopman

The unforgettable launch party, offered a truly immersive experience with DJ Sam Withers from Love Island on the decks and a truly hair-raising line-up of performances from contortionists and fire-dancers. 

If you're keen to check out the latest addition to the party strip, ASYLUM is now open to the public and already has a couple of events scheduled with DJ Sparks performing on Saturday, December 14th and an unmissable New Years Eve party on Tuesday, December 31st. 

Head to the website for more info! 


Miss the show this morning? Tune into the podcast below... 

Georgie Marr

12 December 2019

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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