Signal Works Are Scheduled at Nebo Road and Lagoon Street This Saturday.

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11 October 2018

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Identity theft has left an Andergrove resident with a stack of personal loans, credit cards and a phone bill. On Tuesday they got a bank statement in the mail from a local bank they weren’t a customer at. Calling the bank to investigate she realised she had accounts opened in her name with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Police are investigating and remind residents to be careful when handing over their identity information

GEORGE STREET is being asked to explain the delays to a new mental health unit in Mackay. The project being delayed by another 12 months.. reportedly because of ASBESTOS contamination at the site. Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates says it's sad to hear this vital project will be delayed

SIGNAL WORKS are scheduled at Nebo road and Lagoon street. Between 10 Saturday morning and midday Sunday weather permitting the lights won't be working at the intersection. They are switching to new signals and the area will be under Police control. Be patient and adhere to instructions when driving through the area


The Mackay community can view the ARMISTICE CENTENARY ART INSTALLATION. The 16 metre art work spelling REMEMBER with handmade poppies has cropped up on the lawn in front of the council admin building


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