"Show Weekend a Success" - Esperance Police

Over 1,200 motorists were breath tested

26 October 2018

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Esperance Police have hailed the Agricultural Show weekend a success, after increasing their presence in town and undertaking a traffic operation which saw more than 1,200 motorists breath tested.

Esperance Police had ensured that the event remained family-friendly, with only one minor incident on the Friday evening, October 19 which involved a couple of teenagers but police were on the scene very quickly. 

Two youths were dealt with under the Young Offenders Act and one was given an infringement for disorderly conduct. Two others were issued with move on notices.

Police also took the influx of visitors to the town as an opportunity to prepare for the coming summer months and peak tourism season, driving home a road safety message.

The Breath and Drug Bus were also on hand to support police, with just two of the 1,200 motorists breathalysed testing positive for alcohol over the weekend.

A number of speeding infringements were also issued and vehicle checks were undertaken as part of the road safety operation.

Liquor Enforcement officers also visited from Kalgoorlie, inspecting the town’s licenced venues and speaking with managers and owners as well as those at the show.

With officers on the ground for the duration of the show, Esperance Police appreciated the opportunity to get out and engage with the community over the course of the weekend.

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