Shop Here To Raise Funds For Farmers

More big businesses get behind Rural Aid

Emma Charlton

10 August 2018

Emma Charlton

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More Australian businesses are getting behind our battling farmers.

Today, the sausage sizzles outside every Bunnings store will put their money towards Rural Aid.

Charles Alder from Buy a Bale says they need all the help they can get.

"There are a number of impacts that farming families are facing, it's not only the inability to feed their animals but it's also the inability to pay the basic necessity's of life - the electricity, the rates, they're finding it very hard to pay their electricity bills" he said.

More than half a million dollars has already been raised through sausage sizzles in New South Wales and the ACT

Tomorrow it's Beaumont Tiles and Woolworth's turn.

For every square metre of tiles sold, Beaumont Tiles will donate $2 to the Buy a Bale initiative.

They hope to send 10 semi-trailers of hay from South Australia to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales

Also tomorrow, profits from sales in the fresh food department at Woolworths will be donated.

That means fruit and vegetables, meat, the chilled section, bakery and deli.

It follows Woolworths’ initial $1.5 million donation.

Rural Aid delivers hay, essential items and counselling support services to farmers in need.

To donate, head here

Your money will go to:

Hay – 5 x $20 bales feeds One cow for One Week

Diesel – Every $4.40 transports hay one km anywhere in Australia

Water – Every $250 delivers 11,500 litres delivered to a farm within 100 km of the collection point

Hampers – Every $52.50 buys a hamper for a farmer through their local supermarket

$5700 buys a single-trailer load of hay

$9500 buys a semi-trailer load of hay and transports it to an affected area

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