Shepparton Council Encourages Residents To Adopt Not Shop

In time for Christmas!

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We all dream of a doggo or kitty waiting for us under the Christmas tree on December 25th, wrapped up in a cute bow and preferably wearing a Santa hat. 

However, Greater Shepparton Council is urging potential buyers to consider if a pet is suitable for their home before they buy. 

Corporate Services Director Chris Teitzel encourages families over the festive period to think about the importance of adoption. 

“We encourage residents to adopt animals because they make a great addition to any family. Adoption gives animals who have been abandoned or surrendered a second chance. Animals can provide years of companionship and love but there are many aspects to consider before making such a life altering decision”.


Adopting an animal means they are a pet for life, and they can cost a lot when you take vet bills, food and registration in consideration. 

By avoiding backyard breeders and purchasing a pet from Council shelters, the RSPCA or a registered breeder, you can make sure the dogs aren't being mistreated. 

It's even important to consider where your pet will stay when you're on holidays. 

“If going away on a holiday, it is important to organise someone to check on your animal’s welfare daily and provide ample food, water and shelter. This could be a friend, neighbour, boarding kennel or cattery,” Mr Teitzel said. 

For more information on responsible pet ownership visit

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Samantha Baldry

9 December 2019

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Samantha Baldry

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