Segway e-Skates Are 2018’s Answer To Your Old Heelys

Did YOU wear Heelys?

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

25 July 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Remember when you and your mates all went through a huge Heelys phase and you thought you were the sickest kids on the block?


Then you grew up and traded in your Heelys for a car as a means of transportation, changing with the times to fit in. 

We’re sure a part of you is still itching to take your Heelys for a spin, but might think they’re not ‘in’ anymore. 

In which case, in have rolled Segway’s 2018 answer to the iconic Heelys - Segway Drifts W1 e-Skates

The company behind those weird two wheeled motorised monstrosities, Segways, have dropped new roller shoes that are self-balancing and will have you zooming across the street, for a hefty price of US$399 (AU$538).

Wanna see these things in action?

Check out their promo below!


We’e really not sure how these work or how everyone would go trying these bad boys out in real life, but if you’re a tech head and want the next gen of Heelys-like shoes, then this could be it. 

Otherwise, you could always go and pick yourself up another pair of Heelys. 

You know you want to. 


Did YOU wear Heelys growing up?

Tell us your craziest stories with them in the Facebook comments!


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