Scientists Say The 'Five-Second Rule' Is Totally Legit

Serial droppers rejoice!

20 March 2017

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Turns out the 'five-second rule' might not be as gross as we think..

UK researchers say it's quite unlikely that food will pick up any 'harmful' bacteria after spending a few seconds on an indoor floor.

They'd go even further to endorse a 30-second rule for dry food like chips and biscuits, if the surface is tiled or laminate.

Of course, food dropped on the floor will never be entirely risk-free, but it's safe to say you're all good as long as the surface isn't contaminated.

A survey of 2,000 people found a whopping 79 per cent admit to eating food they'd dropped on the ground.

The findings are a stark contrast from other major studies published in the past few years that "debunked" the rule, revealing it can take just one second for the bacteria to form.

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