RSPCA is Finally Reopening!

The center closed in March 2017

19 October 2018

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After closing over a year ago the RSPCA Qld Animal Care Centre will officially reopen on Thursday October 25th.

“But we believe it was better to get it right first time rather than having to tweak areas once it was open”, said RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend. “We’re truly delighted with the end result and it’s a major win for the animals in our care.”

The new centre has 28 adoption areas for dogs, 24 boarding kennels, 6 quarantine pens and three “black tag” kennels. “Black tags” are animals that have been seized by the Inspectorate and may be awaiting court cases. Cats too have the same number of adoption and boarding areas. There are also three designated dog exercise yards and an outdoor area for cats.

Cairns Regional Manager Rob Harvey is also enthusiastic. “It’s much more streamlined and the facilities are not only more animal-friendly, but they’re also more people friendly, enabling us to do our work more efficiently and consequently improve animal welfare. Whereas before we struggled with water pressure, electricity and the internet, now everything actually works and we expect to save money on water consumption.

The construction of the new centre wouldn’t have been possible without the generous bequest from the Gorry family and the late Don Gorry’s cousin Bryan will make a short speech at the opening ceremony.


You can see the new facilities and hear from those who made it happen from 1030am Thursday, Oct 25th

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