Make Sure You Stay Safe This Summer

Don't Become A Drowning Statistic

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Are you ready for some great Summer news – looks like the rainy La Nina effect will be gone by Mid – to late January!

So we’ll eventually get some legit hot holiday/less Covid vibes we’ve been hanging out for, for like, three years!

Hold up though – there’s some not-so-good Summer news everyone needs to know.

Last summer (2021/22) had the highest number of drowning deaths on record, with 145 people tragically losing their lives across Australia.


That’s why the Royal Life Saving Society – Australia is reminding all of us to be super safe in, on, and around water over the summer break.

Wherever you are in Australia, these are our top five tips to enjoy the water safely this summer:

  • Always supervise children around water
  • Avoid alcohol around water
  • Wear a lifejacket when boating and fishing
  • Know the conditions
  • Avoid going alone

Royal Life Saving Chief Executive Officer Justin Scarr says the deadliest period for drowning deaths is between Christmas and 2nd January.

"While we all need to relax, it is critically important that an adult is actively supervising children at all times if you are near water, whether it is an inflatable pool, a backyard pool, a dam, river, beach or lake, Mr Scarr said.

And there's a special message for those blokes who like a, most Aussie men?!!?

“Men particularly need to leave their alcohol consumption until after they’re out of the water. Alcohol was present in more than a quarter of drowning deaths last summer so we’re asking everyone to stay off the beers until they’re back on dry land.”

The summer holidays are the time when we all like to catch up with friends and family and unwind, but sadly it’s also the peak period for drowning, with too many people not making it home after a day in, on, or around the water,

- Justin Scarr - Royal Life Saving Chief Executive Officer

So the big thing to remember is to prepare and brush up on safety precautions, especially in unfamiliar locations, and enjoy the water safely. 

Find out more about staying safe around water this Summer, head to

In Association With Royal Life Saving Society - Australia

22 December 2022

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In Association With Royal Life Saving Society - Australia

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