Rockhampton Embraces Sister-City Relations Through Key Projects

Six projects with Zhenjiang City

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Rockhampton embraces Sister-City relations through key projects

Ties between Rockhampton and China are set to grow even stronger this year with Advance Rockhampton today detailing six collaborative projects to promote our Sister-City relationship with Zhenjiang. 

The initiatives come off the back of last year’s trade mission to China, where Council formally signed the Sister-City agreement in November. 

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said the diverse range of projects, driven by Advance Rockhampton, are aimed at developing stronger international linkages.  

“We are now into our third year of establishing some very strong connections with Zhenjiang and our relationship is becoming more sophisticated as we stay closely connected and find ways in which we can work together,” Mayor Strelow said. 

The six initial partner projects with Zhenjiang include:

Establishing Sister School relationships – An education delegation from Zhenjiang is scheduled to visit Rockhampton in April to pursue a sister school.

Health, Allied Health and Medical Cooperation – Relevant government agencies, hospitals and institutions from both cities are in discussion to map out future activities from this year onwards for mutual benefit.

The Morning Bulletin-Zhenjiang Daily Regional Showcasing Exchange Project – This year the two media groups will exchange featured articles about each city to promote tourism, education, business and lifestyle.

Library Book exchange – a selection of 100 books from each city will be exchanged and displayed in public libraries to promote the Sister-City status.

Rockhampton Celebration Day in Zhenjiang, 7 November 2019 - Council will organise a promotional video of Rockhampton for Zhenjiang to play on several hundred electronic public boards throughout their city. 

Artist exchange program between the two cities – a Zhenjiang artist will visit Rockhampton while our 2018 Bayton Award winner will visit Zhenjiang to learn more about ceramic art.  

Mayor Strelow said in addition to these short-term strategies, Council and Zhenjiang continue to advance discussions on the greater economic opportunities between the two cities. 

“These are short-term strategies to further promote and embed our cultures, and as we do this, we are also reviewing what long-term opportunities are viable based on our discussions with companies like China Eastern Airlines and some of China’s major development companies,” Mayor Strelow said.

“As we work through what these larger economic opportunities might look like, for now we are really enjoying the journey of sharing and submersing ourselves in Zhenjiang’s culture and vice versa.”


15 January 2019

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