Risk Of Drowning Doubles On Public Holidays

Take Care This Long Weekend

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Love the water. Enjoy the water. Do it safely.

How sweet is a long weekend?!? We're barely back at work for 2020 and Australia Day sees us with Monday off! 

Do not try this at home...do it at a mate's house.

No matter what you're up to, make sure you don't burn the snags on the BBQ, get toasted in the sun, or worse!

Right now, The Royal Life Saving Society is telling us the risk of drowning doubles on public holidays and drowning while under the influence of alcohol is also twice as likely on public holidays.

Australia Day is a symbolic day in our nation’s calendar that many people celebrate with family and friends, but it is important that everyone enjoys the day safely. Alcohol consumption in, on and around waterways increases risk-taking behaviour, reduces coordination and impairs judgement, and too many Australian men, in particular, are drowning as a result.

- Craig Roberts - Royal Life Saving’s National Operations Manager

So, what should you and your crew do to stay safe while you're rocking the long weekend?

  • Avoiding alcohol around water. Stay out of the water if you've been drinking. Have a drink AFTER you've had a swim, ski or paddle. 
  • Wearing a lifejacket when boating or using watercraft. Wearing a lifejacket can increase a person’s chance of survival by 50%, so take them and PUT THEM ON!
  • Avoiding swimming or boating alone. Get the squad together and keep a good eye on each other.

It's been a bad start to Summer when it comes to lives lost around water. Sadly, since 1st December 2019, 44 people have drowned in Australia. Here's the breakdown:

  • The majority of these deaths have been male (89%)
  • The highest number of fatalities occurring in people aged 35-64 years (43%).
  • Inland waterways accounted for 18 (41%) deaths. These numbers are updated daily on the Royal Life Saving website at www.summerdrowningtoll.com.au

So make the right call around water, this long weekend and always.

For more water safety tips and information about Royal Life Saving, visit www.royallifesaving.com.au.

Damien Willoughby

1 April 2020

Article by:

Damien Willoughby

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