Rihanna Issues Apology Over Fashion Show Disaster


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While many were praising Rihanna for another incredible fashion extravaganza to showcase her new Savage x Fenty clothing line, fans were very quick to point out a moment that could be perceived as cultural appropriation or even Islamaphobia.

As models walked the runway in the Amazon Prime special, music played (including a rumoured instrumental of a new song) as well as a track by London-based producer Coucou Chloe called Doom, which featured narration of sacred texts from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Rihanna issued an apology saying it was an oversight to include the song, not knowing the significance of the words:

Apparently, the audio from the special has been removed and will be replaced. Many are holding Riri personally responsible where others are saying how could she be across every minute detail of the show.

The show features stars like Lizzo, Normani, Paris Hilton and more.

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6 October 2020

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