Residents Across Two States Warned Of Incoming Heatwave

With weather to last the weekend

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Queenslanders and northern New South Wales residents are set to experience another heatwave this weekend.

The wave is expected to hit tomorrow and last through the weekend with temperatures to reach up to 35 degrees. 

Temperatures have already begun to warm up across both states today along with some random showers.

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Earlier in the week, a number of areas in south-east Queensland were hit by heavy rainfall with flood warnings issued for Nicholson, Gregory, Albert and Leichhardt Rivers. 

Brisbane will remain overcast for a majority of the day today with temperatures reaching a top of 21, showers in Sydney with a high of 25 degrees and a top of 25 in Canberra with patchy clouds.

Melbourne is scorching today with a high of 29 degrees and clear skies, sunny skies in Adelaide with a high of 27 degrees, top of 29 in Perth and an intense high of 33 degrees in Darwin.

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Georgie Marr

14 March 2023

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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