Remember ‘The Sleepover Club’? Here’s Where They Are Now!

Come on and sleep overrrrrrrrrr

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

29 September 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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90s babies know the love we all shared for the iconic Aussie kids show, The Sleepover Club. 


It was the first time we really got a good dose of friendship goals and we’ve held nothing but fondness in our hearts for it since.


It’s been over a decade since it first graced our lives, so we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and see what they’re up to now!

Character: Francesca ‘Frankie’ Thomas

Actress: Caitlin Stasey 


The leader of the club not only went on to star in Neighbours, Tomorrow When the War Began, and the hit U.S series Reign, but she’s also taking a stand for some really important issues in the world today and we’re super proud!

Character: Kenny Tan

Actress: Hannah Wang


While Hannah hasn’t continued much in the acting realm, she’s been a busy uni graduate with a keen appreciation for sharing throwbacks to the good ol’ days of The Sleepover Club!


Character: Rosie Cartwright

Actress: Eliza Taylor


Eliza - oh boy has she made a HUGE impression over in the States.

Eliza has been the lead in the hit series The 100 for a few years now, wowing everyone and gaining a huge legion of fans!


Character: Lindsey ‘Lyndz’ Collins

Actress: Basia A’Hern 


Basia went on to star in Out of the Blue and McLeod’s Daughters, and we hope to see her in something new soon!

Character: Felicity ‘Fliss’Sidebotham 


Actress: Ashleigh Chisholm

Image: Nine / Twitter @Ashleigh Chisholm

Ash starred in Home and Away and a horror film called Submerged after the club. 


Character: Matthew McDougal

Actor: Ryan Corr


This Aussie heartthrob is still winning hearts, starring in hit shows Blue Water High, Underbelly, Packed to The Rafters, Love Child, Hacksaw Ridge, and even more!


Who was YOUR fave on the show?


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