Relief As Four-Year-Old Shayla Phillips Found Wandering In Bushland

'Safe and well'

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Supplied: Tasmania Police

Missing four-year-old, Shayla Phillips has been found 'safe and well' after days wondering in southern Tasmania.

Shayla disappeared on Wednesday from her home in Stormlea, on the Tasman Peninsula.

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After spending two nights alone in bushland, she was discovered about 3.45pm on Friday by an SES ground party conducting a contact search "in heavily wooded and very slopey" terrain near Halls Road, about 1 kilometre from her family property.

Found dehydrated and disorientated, Shayla was "reacquainted with her mother” before being taken by ambulance to Hobart for assessment.

Inspector Gavin Hallett said it the reunion was obviously "very emotional".

"When I passed the news on to mum, she was very grateful and very keen [to see her]," he said.

Praising the efforts and perseverance of the community, Inspector Hallett said, “no-one wavered in their resolve to find Shayla safe.”

"We were dealing with a four-year-old girl, we knew we had to find her, we had to do that crawling on hands and knees to locate her"

"And that's what SES did to locate her," he said.

"It was just at the right place at the right time, had the SES volunteer been looking to the left and not the right we could still be doing this search."

More than 100 search and rescue personnel, were involved in the extensive air and land search.


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25 March 2022

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