Regional NSW Travel Will Return Next Month

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The New South Wales roadmap has been released and regional travel will return in October.

The State government has promised that once the State hits 80 percent fully vaccinated freedoms will return, the state is expected to reach that milestone in October.

Regional NSW travel will return next month

outlined some of the details, including that regional travel in NSW will resume when the site hits that target.

“We also announce the 80 percent and the roadmap for the unvaccinated, we made a minor change to the 70 percent roadmap, previously we indicated that metropolitan Sydney could travel to regional NSW at 70 percent double dose, today we’ve revised that. No metro travel to the regions until 80 percent."

That 80 percent fully vaccinated rate will also see community sport return, drinking while standing, and we can start thinking about international travel.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says it's part of the roadmap back to normal life.

“I don’t want to be the party pooper, but I’ve said let’s not think about this as a freedom day, but let’s think about this as a stage reopening to getting back to normal. But there’s no doubt that for those who are fully vaccinated at the 70 percent double dose, life will feel so much better, life will feel getting back to normal.”

The announcement of regional travel will bring a much-needed injection into the economy around the border region.

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28 September 2021

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