Real Housewife Venus Behbahani-Clark Opens Up About Rift With Gamble Breaux

“Gamble Shamble”

Bree Gashparac

27 July 2018

Bree Gashparac

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Tonight the Real Housewives of Melbourne finally returns to our screens. Fifi, Fev & Byron got the chance to catch us with new housewife Venus Behbahani-Clark this morning and there were some sassy revelations.

Fans have been teased with a feud between Venus and Gamble Breaux, who has appeared on the show since 2015. When asked about the rift, Venus was quick to admit she wasn’t a fan, playfully naming her “Gamble Shamble”. 

“[Gamble] thinks I look like a Siamese cat because I had these funny contact lenses throughout the show… She took the piss out of it. I was actually laughing myself.”

When asked about her husband James, Venus felt Gamble had become a little obsessed with her relationship. In social media teasers, Gamble has also made jokes about the new housewife’s Lady status.

Venus continued to talk about how resilient she has become, revealing how she learnt to walk away from confronting situations.

“I was sitting in a media screening for this show and Gamble came out with what she said about me. I had a whole room laughing about my physical appearance. What she was saying was funny, they weren’t laughing at my appearance, but they were laughing at the way Gamble was putting it… One of the producers said to me “Well done, I’m proud of you.”


Considering Venus revealed herself, Gina Liano and Lydia Schiavello have been labelled ‘The Dark Side’ of the Housewives cast, it is safe to say this season will be very intense. Grab the popcorn and a glass of wine!

Listen to the full interview below and tune into the Real Housewives of Melbourne tonight at 8.30pm on Arena.


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