Rapid Antigen Tests En Route As Border Infections Persist

More school closures

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Albury-Wodonga recorded 62 new Covid cases on Thursday. 

24 infections were reported in Albury, while 38 cases were detected in Wodonga.

Further afield there were three new cases reported in Wangaratta and one in Indigo, along with three in Murray River, two in Greater Hume and one in Murrumbidgee.

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Meanwhile as infections continue to escalate across border towns, rapid antigen tests have been fast-tracked for the region.

Home-testing kits are on the way to Albury and Wadonga in a last-minute dash to curb the current trend, however, Indi MP Helen Haines is concerned there is not enough information to know how they'll be used. 

"Part of the frustration for our communities is a lack of clear communication about that step," she said.

"So, that's what we need next. We need clear instructions"

"Once we get those rapid antigen tests, what's the best way to use those," she proffered.

Meantime, schools have also been impacted by the current outbreak. 

Lavinton East and Murray High are closed for deep cleaning and contact tracing, while Wodonga South and Wodonga Middle years won't open until next week. 

Wodonga's Black-Locks Ford have also closed its doors after a staff member tested positive, with a deep cleaned underway.


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28 October 2021

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