RACQ Foundation Providing Vital Assistance for Drought-stricken Farmers

Helping affected Queenslanders

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As much of Queensland continued to suffer through extreme drought, RACQ Foundation has launched a new approach to funding drought relief programs to better support local communities and help get them back on their feet.

RACQ Foundation spokesperson Lucinda Ross said $350,000 in funding would be allocated to programs with partners like Connecting Communities Australia and The Salvation Army to assist Queenslanders in areas affected by the disaster.

“While we’ve previously asked community groups to apply for RACQ Foundation funding, and have had some great applications, we want to do more to help relieve some of the pressure those battling the drought are facing,” Ms Ross said.

“We’ve added some new programs into the mix so now the worst-affected farmers will have access to EFTPOS vouchers for necessities so they can buy supplies like fuel, groceries and produce.

“We know graziers in drought are really struggling, and something simple like knowing your groceries are paid for, can really take the pressure off.”

Ms Ross said the second phase of the RACQ Foundation drought program involved regular visits to communities across Queensland to provide on-the-ground support.

“We know many locals are struggling to keep their farms afloat, and that’s why we’ll send in our own people, and other volunteers, to help farmers fix tractors and farm equipment, to construct fencing and get other jobs done,” she said.

“Next week, we’ll kick off in the drought-ravaged South Burnett, where we’ll lend a hand to dairy farmers who’re struggling to keep their businesses going.

“By getting out into rural Queensland, we can show our support and help communities build resilience and strength for the locals who are doing it tough.”

Ms Ross said community groups could apply for funding on RACQ Foundation’s website.

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13 March 2019

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