Queensland Overhauls Relationship And Sexual Consent Education

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The Queensland government released on Friday, the new Respect program to better equip young people in building positive relationships and understanding consent.

"Students told us they wanted to talk about consent in a direct and mature way, no euphemisms, or gimmicks, and they wanted to be engaged in discussions that would help them respond to real-life issues," Education Minister Grace Grace said.

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The overhaul follows a review of consent education in Queensland's state, independent and Catholic schools in March this year, after the country's education ministers agreed to mandate consent education in the national curriculum.

The move was initiated after thousands of Australian students responded to an Instagram poll asking for stories from young Australian women who had been sexually assaulted.

The outpouring of responses on activist Chanel Contos's post, led to an online petition asking for sexual consent education in Australian schools.

The petition generated a strong response, with over 44,000 signatures within a month of its launch, along with over 5,000 stories of sexual assault.

Queensland's Respect program will be delivered to students in an age-appropriate way, with children as young as five, learning about body privacy and emotional awareness.

While secondary students will learn about the importance of enthusiastic, ongoing consent and how "how to say no", while also role playing how to "seek, give and deny" consent.

The program will also teach students how if "you hear silence, maybe, or in doubt, you need to stop".

A website will also be made available to the public providing "practical advice" for parents and students.


Sexual assault support services:

Queensland Sexual Assault Helpline Queensland: 1800 010 120

1800RESPECT national helpline: 1800 737 732

Sexual Assault Counselling Australia: 1800 211 028

Bravehearts (support for child sexual abuse survivors): 1800 272 831

Centre Against Sexual Violence: 3808 3299

MARS Australia (for men affected by rape and sexual abuse): 3857 1222

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7 October 2022

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