Queensland Offers Free Flu Shots Amid Fears Of A “Significantly Bad” Season

Jab fatigue not an option

Article heading image for Queensland Offers Free Flu Shots Amid Fears Of A “Significantly Bad” Season


With an expected surge in influenza cases across the state, Queensland will be offering free flu vaccines from tomorrow until June 30.

Making the announcement on Monday, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warned the flu season in Queensland this year is “significantly bad”.

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“I understand that communities and people have vaccine fatigue ... but what we’re seeing now is these symptoms are very similar to Covid,” she said.

“It is serious, and we don’t want to see people ending up in our hospitals when you can take a preventative step and get the vaccine.”

- Premier Palaszczuk

With reported cases of the flu more than doubling in one week, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the state has already seen the same number of hospitalisations recorded by July during 2017’s flu outbreak.

“This is escalating very quickly, we expect in the next two to three weeks that our cases will end up at least doubling ... and that won’t be the peak,” she said


In a bid to support everyday Queenslanders and businesses, Ms D’Ath said the rollout of free jabs was the right choice to make.

“I don’t want anyone making the decision this year to not get the flu shot because they can’t afford it,” she said

Budgeting $40m for the flu vaccine rollout, the Premier said Influenza A was “nothing to laugh about”.

“I’m taking a very decisive, proactive measure now to help stop and prevent the escalation down the track. Our hospitals will not be able to cope if we keep seeing this,” Ms D'Ath said. 


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23 May 2022

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