Queensland Health Minister Apologises Over PCR Confusion

Vaccine targets on track

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The Queensland health minister has apologised for confusion over residents having to pay for a PCR test when crossing the border.

Earlier in the week, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath had refused to budge over the issue, which suggested people would have to pay up to $150 for the mandated Covid test once borders reopen.

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Copping criticism from every angle, Ms D'Ath fronted the press on Friday and claimed accountability for the debacle, admitting the government got it wrong. 

"I'm happy to apologise, there was a lot of confusion around this."

"We've made it clear there isn't a cost without needing a certificate," she defended.

"I am just please that people do not have to incur this cost. They can get the PCR test which is absolutely invaluable in stopping this virus in coming into our state".

Not without a cheeky dig at Canberra, Ms D'Ath intimated that the issue was only compounded by the PM politicising a health concern.

“It was Scott Morrison who came out swinging and didn’t try to clarify, just criticised,” she said.

"And so did Josh Frydenberg and a number of other members."

Meantime, with the cost of PCR tests now clarified and the state on track to reach the next vaccination milestone in weeks, Ms D'Ath warning “we can’t just open it up to floodgates”.

Around 74.93 per cent of eligible Queenslanders are fully vaccinated, while 85.75 per cent have received one dose of a Covid vaccine.

Ms D’Ath confirmed the sunshine state is on track to hit the 80 per cent milestone by December 17.

Queensland recorded no new covid cases on Friday.


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26 November 2021

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