Queensland Considers “Refresher Course” When Renewing Licence

Following horrid 2022 on the roads

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Queensland is considering introducing a “refresher course” on road rules for people who are renewing their drivers’ licence.

The online course is one of many proposed road safety measures suggested at the Road Safety Roundtable held earlier this year which was held following the state’s worst year of road fatalities in 13 years in 2022.

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Last year, Queensland lost 299 people on state roads, the most number since 2009 when the road toll reached 331 people.

Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey said the refresher course would not be designed to be difficult and time-consuming, rather it would provide an update of changed rules for motorists.

"It might look like, you go online, you have a range of questions that cover the new territory that's happened since you last got your licence," he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

"It's designed to be a refresher course, that people would look to do in an easy online way, that gives you a good review of what's happened in the last four or five years, since you got your licence last time."

The government is still considering how the course would be rolled out, but it could include a test, a video and even an information booklet.

Other measures considered include immediate roadside licence suspensions for drivers caught travelling more than 40km/h over the speed limit.

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10 April 2023

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