Queensland Attorney-General To Appeal Sentence Of Teen Responsible For Brisbane Couple's Death

In "particularly heinous" crime

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Queensland Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman is set to appeal the 10-year sentence handed down to the teenager who ran over and killed Brisbane couple Matt Field and Katherine Leadbetter along with their unborn child.

The 17-year-old was driving a stolen Toyota Landcruiser through Alexandra Hills in southeast Brisbane while high on drugs and alcohol when he struck 37-year-old Matt Field and 31-year-old Katherine Leadbetter who was pregnant with their son.

A sentence of 10-years in prison was handed down to the 17-year-old under the Youth Justice Act which would see him released on parole after only six years.

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The sentence has received much criticism with family and friends of the couple claiming the sentence was not harsh enough.

Following calls from the public along with family and friends of the couple, Ms Fentiman has sanctioned an appeal.

"The grounds on which the appeal is being made is that the sentence for manslaughter was manifestly inaccurate particularly as the judge determined the offence was a 'heinous offence' which meant that the sentence could have been more than 10 years under the Youth Justice Act,"

- Queensland Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman

"Again, there is not much more I can say as the matter is now before the court of appeal, but I again want to acknowledge what the family and the community have been through.”

Ms Fentiman said she has taken onboard the seriousness of the crime along with the impact the incident has had on the couple’s family. 

"The tragic death of Matt and Kate and their unborn child in such horrific circumstances has really been felt far and wide in the Queensland community.

"And again, I have listened, I have received that advice and today I have appealed that matter."

The 17-year-old was out on bail for a number of other offences at the time of the incident.

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Georgie Marr

17 June 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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