PSA: We've Found The Most Delicious (& Healthy) Snacks You Need To Add To Your WFH Essentials

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Slim Secrets

Honestly, 2020 has been the year of the snack, where many of us have been stuck at home constantly getting up and down to look at the same damn fridge knowing we already ate.

Well, what better way to optimise your snack drawer (yes, we know you have one) than with some of the most delicious, yet healthy options?

We'll wait. 

So, to help you kickstart your return to the office or working from home snack balance, we've found these mouth-watering goodies which are literally guilt-free snacks we never knew we needed.

Plus, they will give you that much needed three o'clock kick!

Shelby's Healthy Hedonism

These guys have everything from cookies to health bars! And if you love their taste, they also do incredible DIY cooking tutorials so you can up the ante on your average snack!

The Bar Counter

These legends are known for their scrumptious protein bars! Which are good for on-the-go or if you feel like spicing things up a little, you can chop the bars up into bite-sized pieces for smoothie bowls, granola or whatever your heart desires! 

Beauty Food

Yes, these are literally bits of food you can eat that will help boost your hair, nails and skin. With 7.5g of collagen per bite, these cookies are not only kick-starting your health on the inside but boosting your outside too!

Happy Snack Company

Using sustainably grown chickpeas and fava beans, these guys have now taken their usual crunchy snacks to the next level by adding chocolate-covered, salted caramel and many more drool-worthy flavours to try! 

Slim Secrets

The daily dilemma to snack, or not to snack, has been solved with their new better-for-you brownie which is no doubt our new go-to!

Bounce Snacks Australia

These guys mean business with the best protein balls we've had! (so far) Plus, they have other delicious Keto and breakie bars. 

Honestly, we're ready to fly into 2021 with these guilt-free snacks at our side, anything is possible!

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18 November 2020

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