PSA: The World’s Largest Vegemite Villa Now Exists

Yes, you read that right.

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You can forget the Big Banana, there’s a new giant Aussie attraction in town that you can enjoy a VERY toasty sleepover in! have created the world’s first-ever Vegemite Villa where two lucky guests can Vege-out in Australia's serene countryside for two nights only on the 6th and 7th December.

Nestled away in the homeland of Brogo, NSW you will find a four-metre-high and two-metre-wide Vegemite Jar and by no means does it stop there. 

The inside of the giant jar of Australian goodness is completely decked out with custom made vegemite furnishings and merch, including a bed which resembles vegemite on toast accompanied with vege eye masks, slippers, socks and an alarm clock to match.

We told ya, we weren't kidding. This villa literally has the whole kit and kaboodle. 

The villa will open bookings on 4th December at just $89.00 per night so make sure you get in at 10 am AEST sharp for your chance to literally live, breath, and literally have a taste of that Australian dream.

It doesn’t matter if you actually like the salty spread or not, this is probably one of the most uniquely Australian things you could EVER do! 

For more information and your chance to book, click here.

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Eve Swain

1 December 2019

Article by:

Eve Swain

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