PSA: Bunnings Have A Hotline Dedicated to Helping You Finish That DIY Project

Ahh, hello, how do I hammer in a nail?

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That unfinished DIY project taking up space in your lounge room will actually get finished, thanks to Bunnings!

2020 has thrown a spanner in the works. Some of us decided to pick up that spanner and put it to good use by starting some sort of DIY project at home.

We started believing that with all of this extra time on our hands, not only could we learn how to use everything in the toolkit stashed under the kitchen sink, we could create something amazing for the house.

That’s until we chucked a tanty, because our DIY skills weren’t up to scratch and what we created looked nothing like what was on Pinterest and now, we have several unfinished projects sitting around the house (sound familiar?).

I promise you will get that project finished, and you can have a professional help you along the way. Sounds too good to be true, right?

But it is true, and it’s thanks to Bunnings, who earlier in the year started a DIY hotline, managed by Bunnings staff members to help give you advice for your DIY project. LEGENDS!

The only number you need to have saved in your phone is that of the DIY hotline 1800 560 771

But the service doesn't stop at a phone call, there's more:

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29 July 2020

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