Proposed Wellcamp Quarantine Facility snuffed by PM

Desert camp denied

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Scott Morrsion has come under fire after dismissing a proposed 1000-room quarantine facility west of Toowoomba.

On Tuesday the PM said Queensland's pitch of a Covid-19 quarantine hub at Wellcamp Airport is not "stacking up", compared to a proposal from Victoria.

Mr Morrison said the biggest difficulty with the Toowoomba bid was that it was not near a major capital city, with a major hospital.

Meantime Labor leader Anthony Albanese said the government needed to make things right for the thirty thousand Aussies stranded overseas.

"It was a proposal for quarantine facilities right at the airport site and close to the Toowoomba health facilities that could have been used", he said.

Adding salt to the wound, the PM's reference that Toowoomba is "out in the desert" has angered local business leaders.

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19 May 2021

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