Prime Minister Slams QLD Government For Denying Man to be With His Dying Father

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has expressed his disappointment in the Queensland Government for denying a man to be with his dying father.

Mark Kilian and his wife flew from LA into Sydney hotel quarantine to say goodbye to Mark’s father who has terminal pancreatic cancer and is in his final days.

The couple received a provisional quarantine exemption from NSW Health, however, Queensland has denied their requests.

Kilian, who is fully vaccinated from the virus, has made numerous requests, after delivering a number of negative covid tests, offering to charter his own flight, and to even wear a hazmat suit.

Mark told the ABC it’s heartbreaking being away from his father at this time.

“Its up and down, and it’s not just daily but hourly, he’s extremely weak, he’s at this point sometimes not even able to talk to us.”

Scott Morrison has written to Mark and said he’s disappointed the Queensland government has not found a workable and compassionate solution. Mr. Morrison added that his thoughts were with him, but ultimately he couldn’t change the decision as the Federal Government cannot intervene in the state's decision.

There is mounting pressure on the Queensland government from the community, as a petition to allow Mark an exemption reaches almost 50,000 signatures.

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22 June 2021

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