Premier Andrews Plugs Free Flu Shots For Victorians As Influenza Cases Surge

“We’ve got to have a plan”

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says the state government is working towards free flu shots.

Mr Andrews on Wednesday said they were working with pharmacists and doctors to make the flu vaccine free for everyone in the state.

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It follows Queensland's move earlier in the week to make flu jabs free until June 30, and New South Wales announcing free flu shots on Tuesday, amid escalating influenza rates.

The Victorian premier said the government would make an announcement shortly about increasing the eligibility for a free flu shot.

"We’re working with the Pharmacy Guild and the AMA on that very issue," Mr Andrews said.

"It’s really important that we talk to them, they’re the ones who predominantly undertake that work. They’re the ones who are distributed and actually provide those jabs,

Rising cases of influenza across Victoria have been detected in recent weeks, with almost 12,000 this year so far.

Currently in Victoria, the flu vaccine is free for those considered most at risk, including children aged between six months and five, people aged over 65, pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions.


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25 May 2022

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