Pool Owners Urged to take Precautions

Avoid potentially fatal disease risks

WA Content Team

21 January 2019

WA Content Team

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As the weather warms up, especially over the past weekend, the Department of Health is warning pool and spa owners to take precautions to avoid potentially fatal disease risks.

It's very important for pool owners to make sure the water in their pools is properly treated and maintained to protect swimmers. 

Health risks can be reduced by taking some simple precautions including:

  • staying out of dirty pools, spas, waterholes and dams
  • ensuring pools are kept clean, free of dirt and leaves, and are properly chlorinated
  • testing water in swimming pools at least twice a day
  • making sure pools that do not use a stabiliser contain at least two milligrams per litre of chlorine (four milligrams per litre where a stabiliser is used)
  • ensuring pH levels are kept between 7.2 and 7.6
  • keeping wading pools clean and only using the water once

For more information contact 9388 4999 or visit www.healthywa.wa.gov.au 

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