Police to Curb Antisocial Behaviour

Crime Van for City Hot-spots

31 October 2018

Article heading image for Police to Curb Antisocial Behaviour

Kalgoorlie-Boulder police are hoping the trial deployment of a mobile police facility at crime hot-spots in the city will help to curb antisocial behaviour over summer.

It will be used as an operational base by officers and members of the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s Safer Streets patrol team and will be moved to areas around Kalgoorlie that have experienced antisocial behaviour, such as Loopline Park and Richardson Street Park in Boulder and would also provide support to businesses and residents in Boulder and surrounding areas that had reported antisocial behaviour.

The police are hoping the van would act as a mini police station to increase presence around the city in areas that were known to officers as crime or antisocial behaviour hot-spots. Officers will be able to conduct foot, bike and vehicle patrols from the base and they can process offenders on the spot before being transferred to the main station.

There would be a mixture of detectives, community engagement officers, youth police and Aboriginal liaison officers using the facility and residents and business owners are encouraged to stop by and say hello to officers and voice any concerns.

The summer periods are a busy time of the year in Kalgoorlie-Boulder so you’ll see the police vehicle moving throughout town more often than not in high-visible areas.

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