Plot Twist, The Prime Minister Deadset Saved A Person's Life 'James Bond' Style

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A 68-year-old woman thought she may die after tripping and crashing into rocks, but little did she know she would be saved by um, the Prime Minister?

Cheryl Ferguson fell during a walk along Sydney's Kurnell beach which left her with a broken arm and severed artery in Sydney last week. 

In an incredible coincidence, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison and his highly-trained security detail just happened to be nearby and quickly rushed to her aid.

Cheryl explained the rescue as something out of a Hollywood movie where she called out for help and her call was answered by a man in a suit running cross the rocks to save her. 

I thought he was going to say Bond... James Bond.’ Cheryl told Sunrise.

He pulled out a tourniquet and then he explained he was part of ScoMo’s police protection unit.

Once safely rescued the PM sat with Cheryl and reassured her until paramedics arrived to take her to hospital.

Cheryl has since sent Morrison a letter to thank him in the best way she knows how, with an invitation to a backyard BBQ.

My anaesthetist told me I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for his team being there at that exact moment,” she said.

Scomo has since replied in a public statement saying, “We were in the right place at the right time and were able to give Cheryl immediate first aid, support and comfort as they waited for paramedics to arrive.” 

Well, it's safe to say not all heroes wear capes!

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27 July 2020

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