Pink Action Bus Stop to Celebrate Barbie movie!

Transport Minister Challenges Canberra

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Could Canberra’s Bus Shelters be getting Barbie Fever?

Barbie Fever is sweeping the nation’s capital…including our bus stops!

This week the ACT Government released an image, of a Canberra bus shelter decorated in the perfect Mattel Barbie pink, complete with a Barbie logo on top.

Weekend Breakfast show Mobbs & Roses spoke with ACT Transport Minister Chris Steel about the possibility of making the design a permanent one.

“Usually, Canberrans are pretty protective of their bus shelters…” Minister Steel said.

“However, turns out we just needed to find the perfect shade of Mattel Pink!”

Ellie Mobbs and Jason Roses get Minister Steel to promise them he might consider it…

Listen to the full chat here…

21 July 2023

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