Pfizer Available to Victorians Over 16 From Wednesday

450,000 Pfizer shots

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Victorians over the age of 16 will be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine from Wednesday.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced that Victoria would be speeding up the vaccine rollout with an extra 450,000 Pfizer vaccines.

Pfizer Available to Victorians Over 16 From Wednesday

The minimum age of vaccination has been dropped to 16 years old, however, Victorians in the 16-17 age group only have access to Pfizer at this stage.

“We now can be confident that the Polish doses are coming to us, there’s only one slight caveat on that, 16-17 year-olds are not eligible for Astra, so they must be Pfizer 18-39 year-olds it is both, they’re eligible for both now from 7 am tomorrow.”

From Wednesday morning, anyone 16 years or older can book an appointment for the Pfizer jab, allowing the 18-39 age group the choice of two vaccines, however, Mr Andrews confirmed there wasn’t enough Pfizer vaccine for everyone in that age group.

“There are 1.2 million people in that age group that we don’t think have been vaccinated yet, there are 450,000 Pfizer shots, in total there’s 830,000 appointments open. Not everybody will be able to make an appointment tomorrow because we don’t have supply for everybody.”

Covid Commander Jeroen Weimer clarified that appointments could only be made from Wednesday morning, and booking centres could not help book Pfizer appointments before then.

“If you log in today, you will only find the Astra Zeneca appointments, if you log on tomorrow, you will find the new 450,000 appointments for Pfizer, again the call centre will be able to help you tomorrow with making bookings for those Pfizer appointments, it will not be able to help you today.”

Mr Andrews reminded any Victorian that has booked an Astra Zeneca vaccination, to still attend, rather than going to the back of the waitlist for Pfizer.

This comes after Victoria recorded 50 new cases overnight, 12 cases linked to the Newport cluster, 7 to the Shepparton outbreak, 6 to the childcare centre in Broadmeadows, and 10 were mystery cases.

To book your vaccine appointment or find out more about your eligibility and vaccination options, visit

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24 August 2021

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