Pete, Matt and Kymba Facebook Scam Update: What You Need To Know

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UPDATE: Despite repeated attempts to block and report scammers, they continue to target people via our Mix94.5 Facebook page. Most recently, scammers are setting up fake "personality" pages as radio talent from our sisters stations, such as Carrie Bickmore or Abbie Chatfield.

Or... they post as a "show page" - such as Carrie and Tommy.

They quite often post on old Mix94.5 posts - in the comments - and usually suggest you've won a prize.

The other ruse doing the rounds is random accounts posting information about "live streaming" on our big events. The posts feature a clink and suggest that you can live stream the event by clicking on that link.

In both the above examples, do NOT click on any links and please, report the account to Facebook. Simply hit the ellipses (three dots) next to the comment and select "report comment".

We have been in constant contact with Facebook themselves about both of the above instances, and will continue to remain vigilant. Please read the below for the other steps you can take to protect yourself from these scammers.


Recently, there have been scammers contacting Mix94.5 listeners through social media (mainly on Facebook), acting as either the radio station itself OR one of our radio identities.

In particular, they are purporting to be Pete Curulli, Kymba Cahill or Matt Dyktynski (Pete, Matt and Kymba).

Typically, the message that they'll suggest is that you've won something with the radio station, and usually, there is a link they want you to click.

Please do not engage with these people via reply message on the post. They are scam accounts attempting to capture your personal information.

And please, do not click on any links they ask you to click on.

Here's what you can do should it happen to you.

From there you can also;

  1. Take a screen grab / image of the spot in the feed where you've been tagged by one of these spam accounts.
  2. If you can, click on the "person's name" on the post to go to their profile, Copy the URL and send it, along with the copy of your screenshot, to our Mix FB messages in-box; or
  3. You can also choose to email the information to [email protected], so that we can report the fake Facebook page.

We have already reported multiple scam pages, and are working with the social media organisations directly to report these people and have them blocked, at the very least.

If ever you are unsure about the veracity of an account, remember the following:

As a general rule, Mix94.5 will not contact you on a public post feed on Facebook or Instagram to tell you that you've won something. We will only contact you via phone call, email or text via the details you have supplied for the specific competition you have entered.

Even more to the point, in no way, shape or form would we EVER ask for your credit card details in order to claim a prize.

Stay vigilant!


1 December 2022

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