Perth’s Dog Friendly Beaches Where Your Pup Can Run Free

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18 December 2018

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Perth has got the best beaches in the world – but which ones allow you to take your dog for a swim?

We’ve tracked down a few beaches around town where dogs are allowed off-leash. But remember to always pay attention to any local signage and restrictions, because things can change from year to year.

Whitfords Dog Beach - Hillarys 

Dogs are able to exercise off-leash in the current horse beach exercise area after midday, Monday - Saturday and all day Sunday. Dogs may not enter the beach via the Whitfords Nodes South Car Park beach access path or the northern Hillarys Marina groyne. However, they may be walked on-leash along the dual-use pathway to the designated dog beach area.  


Quinns Rocks Beach

Dogs are allowed on part of Quinns Rocks Beach, north from Tapping Way.


Yanchep Beach

South from the northern end of Compass Park is a dog-friendly zone.


Two Rocks Beach

You can let your dog run free south of the southern groyne.


Peasholm Dog Beach

This popular dog beach is located south of Brighton beach with lots of space for dogs to run around.


South Cottesloe Beach 

Dogs are welcome from the south or small groyne at Beach Street all the way south to Mosman Beach.


South City Beach

South of the access path and opposite Dartmouth Avenue south to the boundary of City of Nedlands.


North Floreat Beach

North of stormwater drain opposite Oban Road, City Beach to the boundary of City of Stirling (approx 2 kms)


South Fremantle Dog Beach

Dog heaven is located north of Douro Road to Sailing Club only on Marine Terrace.


Mosman Beach

North of Leighton Beach, south of Cottesloe Beach and bordered by Curtin Avenue.


City of Rockingham Beaches

There are a lot of dog beach options in Rockingham! Check out the full list and download a map here.


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