People Are Really Confused About This Avocado Cheese

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Avocado and cheese are two of our favourite foods – but we’ve never considered the idea of the two of them merged together!

Dutch cheese company Daily Dairy sells a product called Guacamole Cheese, which comes in a very strange pale green colour.

Their product description explains that the cheese is “a unique 50% full fat cow milk Dutch cheese with herbs”… and obviously it also contains avocado. It reportedly tastes like a Gouda-style hard cheese and includes avocados, lime juice, chili, tomato onion and garlic.

You can serve it in chunks, or melted down into a queso dip. 

The unusual looking cheese is about to be launched in the US at a grocery chain called The Fresh Market, and it has gone viral online in the last 24 hours. There’s no word on Australian stockists yet – but we’ll let you know if it becomes available here!

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1 May 2019

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