P-Plater Under Investigation Following Dangerous Driving In Wauchope

Passenger was partially out the window

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Wauchope police are investigating after a number of community members contacted them reporting an instance of dangerous driving this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, a young male was allegedly spotted driving a red Mazda 3 through the streets, with another man sitting on the open window sill on the front passenger door.

Several calls were made to police over a 2 hour period.

Shortly after 7pm on the Tuesday, police stopped the car, the driver conveyed to Wauchope police station and subject to a breath analysis.

It returned a negative reading and he was released.

The man was also issued a traffic infringement notice for Operating a vehicle to make the wheels lose traction.

The passenger was issued a traffic infringement notice for Part of body outside window.

Mid North Coast Police District Crime Manager Paul Fehon thanked the community for their reports.

"The driver behavior in this incident had the potential to end tragically.

"Thanks to the many reports from concerned community members, Wauchope police were able to locate the vehicle and stop the offending behavior before someone got hurt."

The driver was on his red P plates at the time of the offence, investigations continue into his manner of driving.

9 January 2019

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